Sunday, April 6, 2008

Craft Update

Hey girls! I have almost got all of the craft cut out for the upcoming craft, but I thought I'd give you a little bit of info.
After talking to a couple of you, we have decided that we will each have to bring our own paint brushes from now on. We feel that we have ruined many of mom's brushes and although she may say she doesn't care, we should probably use our own. So, for the craft this month, you will need to bring your own paintbrushes (write your name on them if you can so they don't get mixed up). I have paint for this project... just white and yellow, so you won't need to bring paint unless you want to use a different color. Besides brushes, I don't think you'll need to bring anything else. I'm very excited, it will be a fun craft night.
P.S. Boys... you're invited to come too.


Em Russ said...

can I please still use mom's brushes... I promise not to ruin them!

Tami said...

Emily, I guess you are exempt this time! ;)