Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ice Skating

I know these are super-duper late, but I thought better late than never. Mom and Dad's ward had an ice skating activity at the Ice Sheet, and here are som pictures...

Casey put Benson in the front pack and skated with him.

Here is the Dalpias Family.
Oh Jannie.Greg doing a spin or something.
A good time was had by all.


Em Russ said...

hey, who changes the background? I want to know how to do it. Also, I LOVE Greg's spin move and the picture of Jannie is soooo funny. And McKenzie looks totally cute in that layers shirt. Also glad that Casey is brave enough to wear Benson for the activity so he didn't miss out. I would have totally squashed my kids!!

Tami said...

Em, I changed the background this time but I just got if from MatieKay. We mnissed you at that activity.
Love ya!

Brady said...

How come I wasn't invited? Not that I would have gone, but it's nice to be invited to things. And BTW I am going to make a few changes to you matiekay template. It's really kinda hard to read and such .... I hope that's ok.