Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And the winner is....

Andy Haws (77); (I know, I couldn't believe it either ;) )
Shawnee Haws (74);
Casey Dalpias (71);
Brady Haws (69);
Natalie Dalpias (51);
Tami Jones (48);
Nicholas Jones (45);
Emily Russ (42);
McKenzie Hart (38);
Johnny Russ (144); Johnny had a bit of a late start due to the fact that he thought the brackets were broken because Florida didn't make it. So we are discounting his score...

This was fun, maybe next year we will have to actually have a prize for the winner!


Johnny said...

That is my bracket, I swear. I just forgot to hit the save button before the tournament started. So my phenomenal score and what appears to be a late creation date is what fooled you. That is cool though. Andy is getting married so I will let it slide this year.

Anonymous said...

Yay Andy! Way to go! Oh, and btw, the reason I did so horrible is because I never selected the final four or the overall winner on my bracket. I didn't have a chance anyway. Good job Annie!

Elder Haws said...

yeah annie you do good work.... Now can we get back to like telling elder haws what is happening with the haws family?