Monday, November 2, 2015

Another Great Week

Hello again from Peru.

The weeks seem to go quickly. We have enjoyed another one!

Last Sunday as we were on our way home from church, we came across a band marching in the street. It looked like a party of some kind.

Monday we had lunch with the Senior missionaries. We ate at Don Belisario's. It was fun to visit.   They had this Peruvian game Sapo. It is a fun game you toss gold coins to see who can get the most points. The goal is to get a coin in the frogs mouth. Each hole the coin hoes in is worth points. We played this last year when we came to Peru with Brian Judd Tours. When we get home Wayne will make one of these

Tuesday was Wayne's 60th birthday. We were in the temple in the morning and we had a late lunch at Carmel Cafe. Later that night we had cake and Ice Cream with our missionary friends.

Saturday was Halloween.  We worked in the temple until about 5:30 PM. We went with the Hartman's to the mall to have dinner and saw the cute kids dressed up and trick or treating.  We ate at Don Belisario's, they have Pollo A La Brasa. We had fun. I copied these pictures from their blog. (

Look how little their pumpkins are

After dinner, we went to the Palermo Stake Center to their Family History Fair.  As part of the fair they honored Juan Alva.  The youth of the stake made a movie depicting his life and his conversion to the church. He was one of the first members of the church in Trujillo. He was the branch president in the first chapel here in Trujillo when Wayne served here as a young missionary 40 years ago. You can see that chapel in the pictures. Wayne lived in one of their rooms and Sister Alva cooked food for them, so he knows them quite well. The movie was very well done.  It showed how Brother Alva joined the church, met his wife, and got married.  We laughed and cried and cried and laughed. We enjoyed it. They did a great job.

These are pictures of the Family History displays. I was impressed with how well it was done. It was very good.  They had showed the process of doing family history in several of the rooms.  In the gym they had family displays of the early members of Trujillo.

Family Tree of early members of the church in Trujillo.

The Stake President, Wayne and Brother Hartman, he was a missionary here 50 years ago.

This is Sister Hartman, me, Sister Quintanilla , and I can't remember the last sisters name.  She works in the office at the temple.  I love these sisters.

Brother and Sister Torado. This is the Torado Leon family display,  He is in the stake presidency, she works with us in the temple. We love them.

Sandy Hartman, me, Cecelia Quintanilla, her mother and Sister. Cecelia is from the Meza family. The sister works with us in the temple, we love them too.

Us, the Hartman's, and Sister Malca. Her husband passed away a little over a year ago. He was the Patriarch. They were some of the first members of the church in Trujillo.

Brother and Sister Alva, their daughter and her husband with Wayne. Brother Alva is 94 years old, he likes to arrive early to church and sit outside the chapel on a chair in the warm sun to see the members come to church.

Old Friends

This was a wonderful activity. We enjoyed it.  Brother Quintanilla is the family history person for the stake. I know his family worked hard to put this together and I'm sure many others helped too.  We saw many of our friends from this stake who either come to the temple a lot or work with us at the temple.  It was just really good.  I always feel the spirit when I'm around these members. They are wonderful people and a great stake.

Yesterday we went to the Buenos Aries ward, the primary kids practiced their primary program. I stayed in the chapel and listened as they practiced. This is the entire primary, less than 20 kids. I loved hearing the songs in Spanish. I kind of sang along softly in English.

Elder Olson is from Logan. He played the piano for the kids. Most meetings we go to they sing without accompaniment because they don't have piano players.  Elder Romero is from Arequipa, he was great at helping the kids behave.

Wayne took this cute pictures of these twin brothers. Derek and Dylan.  They are 2 1/2 years old.

We've had another great week and we love being here.

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