Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Wall of Tiles and Shined Shoes

We are starting another week. I know I always say that they go by fast but they really do.

We went to see the wall of tile murals that go around one of the Universities. These murals are made out of 1" tiles. It really is beautiful and amazing. You can see for yourself.

Just a few of the scenes. It was fun to see.

Wayne has talked about getting his shoes shined when he was here as a young missionary. We thought it would be fun to find someone now who could keep his shoes looking good. We found this shoe shiner, Jose.  He is a great guy. His shop is just down the sidewalk from the temple.

He is a happy guy and did such a good job on Wayne's brown shoes, we came right back for him to shine his black shoes too.
Just like new. He only asked for a sole and a half. I think Wayne gave him much more than that.

This is what happens when your suit pants are too big and you have to stretch and squeeze to get in a little taxi.

I fixed them. We'll see how long they last.

I thought this was funny!  This is a motor taxi. He has furniture on it and some mattresses. I am always amazed at the things I see around here.

We are both well and happy. We love serving in the temple and helping the members who attend. It is a great blessing.   I hope you have a great week and hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!  We will miss being home. I can't imagine not being there but it will be ok. We will be working in the temple in the morning and President and Sister Marler invited us to their house for Thanksgiving lunch. It should be yummy and fun.
See ya next week!
Wayne and Jan

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