Sunday, November 25, 2007

"Blessed Thanksgiving" (or should we say "The tin man escaped?")

Hi all! I thought I'd share the pics I took of our Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks to all who made it possible! It was yummy! But we did all miss our Boston crew! :) (And FYI for those who missed it, we played the telephone started with "Blessed Thanksgiving" and ended with "The tin man escaped!" It was hilarious to play this with Grandma Marie and Ronola.)

Danny with Shanna's "saved" seat

Jan showing off her new Christmas Tree skirt that Tami made her!

Benson's first Thanksgiving dinner! (And check out the yummy mashed potatoes that Natalie made! They were so good, but we had a lot left over!)

Cory showing off his new "waist pack" he won in a clay pigeon shooting contest with his friends.


Em Russ said...

awww, that makes me homesick! Looks like you had a fun time. Wish I could have been there for the "blessed Thanksgiving" telephone game! Sounds really funny. Glad you all had a good time. Who made the cute turkey things on the table?

And Tami: cute tree skirt! Also funny that mom modeled it!

Cor: (do you even read this) sweet little camo fanny pack thing you've got goin' on there!

Love and miss you all!

Em & the Boston crew

Em Russ said...

p.s. Thanks for posting the pictures Shawnee!!

Nick and Tami Jones said...

We missed you, Em!

Natalie said...

Thank you for posting these pictures! I will digitally scrapbook them soon!

Natalie said...
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Nick and Tami Jones said...

I must say that this was a fun dinner. The telephone game was more funny than it sounded! Good times and Blessed Thanksgiving!