Friday, November 23, 2007

Danny Mission Call

Here is the opening of Danny's mission call for any of you that missed it. (even a sneak peak at the national anthem at the end!)

Click here to play the video

(it's quicktime)


Natalie said...

Casey, you did such a good job. You always have such fun ideas. I really love you.

And congratulations, Danny. We are very proud of you and excited for you.

Love, Nat

Em Russ said...

I agree, Casey. That was awesome! And Dann-O, I am so excited for you. I wish I were coming home before you leave... oh well! :) And P.S. I think it's funny you can hear me over the phone in the background. Thanks for making me feel included!

Love you all (especially you Dan)

Johnny said...

You are pretty nifty with that video editing stuff. I know you are in school and all but you should think about doing that as a job on the side. You know to make a little extra cash.