Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kindergarten 101

I must say that I do feel pretty guilty not posting very often. I am quite a lurker lately.

I was taking some pictures of my kids today and thought I would blog some pictures so you can see what I do everyday. Yesterday we had our first "school lunch" and the kids wore pilgrim hats and pilgrim colars. We eat school lunch 6 times throughout the year but this was new for them. They loved their corndogs though! This was the whole Kindergarten. My class is the one on the middle row.

This is my morning class.
This is the afternoon class.

Their pilgrim attire was pretty funny but they were pretty proud to wear it.

I will post some new pictures of my classroom on my blog so you can see what my room is like, so check it out there.


Em Russ said...

That's so funny Tami! They seem so little and I can't believe how you manage all of them! Good work.

Natalie said...

Did you wear pilgrim attire?