Sunday, July 2, 2017

Barrio Central * Quintanilla's * Alverca's

Barrio Central

We went to the Central ward for sacrament meeting and enjoyed being there.  

Noe Calle - Wayne - Me - Cynthia and Antony Apolinatio
Our temple friends

Sister Erickson from Perry Utah and Sister Mickelson from Payson Utah.  These two are here as interns from USU helping people with their businesses be better.   Sister Erickson wants us to come to her wedding, we're not sure when it is.

Sister Erickson and Mickelson's Primary class.

Happy Birthday President  Casos

Quintanilla Family

This afternoon, Wayne and I went to have lunch with the Quintanilla family.  They have been so good to us, they are a great friends.  We've felt like we're part of their family and we've been to their home many times.  This family is a great example and they're wonderful members of the church.  The Tirado family was also there.  They are a great members of the church too and have been great friends too.  
We had a lovely meal of Lomos Saltado.  I've wanted to have this before we went home.  Now I can check that off my list.  

 Samir - Boris and Rosalia Tirado - Jeffery - Cecelia and Brother Quintanilla - Kira - Tirado daughter and her son Adriano

Alverca Family

At 7:00 pm we went to the Alverca home for dinner.  Brother Alverca is a cordinator in the temple and Sister Fanny Alverca is a volunteer in the temple, she is also Sister Quintanilla's sister.  We had an enjoyable time with them.   We've known them since we go there, but this is the first time we've been to their home.  She served us sweet chicken with pinapple and potatoes.  It was good.  Also a custard type pie for desert.  

Luhana - Paulo - Renzo - Christian - Fanny - Paulo - Wayne
Paulo and Christian are twins.  They're 16, Luhana is 8, and Renzo is 12.  

This is me and Luhana.  She was so sweet to me.  When we got ready to leave, she gave me one of her friendship bracelets. 
Paulo - Fanny - Me - Wayne


While we were at the Alverca's home, these two sisters came for just a few minutes.  They were baptized yesterday.  There was a very sweet spirit about them.  Being members of the church will be a great blessing to them.The oldest one was wearing a gourd necklace.  I mentioned how neat it was and a few minutes later, she took it off and gave it to me.    Later in the evening,  I learned that the mother of these girls passed away a month ago.  They are orphans now.  The oldest one is 19 and the younger one is 12.  They live in their house alone.  I'm not sure what supports them but they are sweet girls.  I am honored to have the gourd necklace she gave me and I will always remember them. 

We had a wonderful Sunday!  We love these friends!

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