Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Morning Walk

Friday Morning Walk

This morning we went for a walk to the Parque Eterno Cemetery next to the temple.  It's a very beautiful cemetery, with lots of flowers and it's
very well maintained.  

Brother Azabache's grave

The temple from the cemetery side

The temple behind us from Parque Eterno
We got in trouble for taking this picture.  The guy said we are not allowed to take pictures.

We also walked to the mall, saw this along the way.

They were working on the poles at the intersection by the mall.  If we come back to Trujillo,  this will be different.  

We went in Tottus one last time to get some eggs for me to make cookies tomorrow.  I got a few treats for our trip home.  

The corner by Tottus 

We had lunch in the comedor.  These are the Sisters who cook our food every afternoon.  They've become our friends  They especially like Wayne because he always talks to them about the food.  

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Tallarines Verde
The gardener - Freddy - Wayne - Consuelo - ? a guy that cleans - Anita

These sisters work in the Distribution Center.  Melody is the one in the pink.

This was our last Friday of our misson!

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