Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A note from Tami

Wow Brady, sounds like scout camp was a hit. I enjoyed hearing about your experiences there. I was glad you shared what you did. It was good to hear that the boys all became friends. Too bad you had to cut your head open though, but at least everyone else wasn't out there doing a body search for your body.

I never did see the fishing video of Andy...Good thing Casey left the link there. My computer at work doesn't let me use quicktime.

I feel like I want to add a blog about Nick and I but I have nothing to report.
I am making a very cute quilt though. That's about all that's new.

If any of you would like to visit my blog, it is It's been up for a few months.

It was fun to all be together last night. Thanks for coming over everyone (besides Emily's family which have an excuse). It was fun to hang out.


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