Saturday, August 11, 2007


So most of you probably know that I spent the last week at Scout Camp. I figured I'd report on the adventure. So we went to the BLAB (Bear Lake Aquatics Base) at... you guessed it, Bear Lake. We had an awesome time. Just a few of the highlights (or lowlights) were:

  • I had to get 15 stitches on my forehead day one by diving into shallow water! (I'll tell you all the story later.)

  • The troop won the troop yell on Wed. which gave us the spirit paddle for the day.

  • The troop hid the shoes of two other troops and tied their tents closed with fishing line during the night.

  • The kid (from another troop) that decided to run around with the monkey suit, tripped on our tent lines as he came around to scare us and ate it hard into the dirt. He laid there for a few while we laughed at him.

  • We had to help do a body search at the waterfront for a missing boy. His friends went back to camp, told their leader the last place they had seen him was at the waterfront and his buddy tag was still hanging up. So Cody (the scoutmaster) and I joined the lifeguard staff to walk through the water looking for a body. We did three passes when one of the staff members informed us that the kid had been at the climbing wall. We were relieved to not have to trip over some kids body in the water, but it was annoying that we had to be freezing in the water and the dark while he was at the climbing wall.

  • The troop would have won the spirit paddle again on Friday morning, but a troop can only win it once a week. Instead it went to a troop that did the haka. Our boys did a great job with troop yells.

  • At the closing campfire, we won an award for being one of the honor troops. We did service project in all areas of the camp. We cleaned up the shotgun range, helped everyday doing some kind of service at the waterfront (including the body search), helped dismantle the archery range and carried in most of the stuff from the waterfront (it was the last week of camp for the summer so the had to put stuff into storage) and we helped twice to clean up the mess hall.

  • The highlight of the whole camp was when our troop, which going into the camp most boys had problems with at least two or more of the other boys) rallied together and became good friends. We worried about having to deal with the problems, but were greatly surprised by the boys. We ended up being awarded the spirit troop of the week, and were given the spirit paddle to bring home with us.
I know this may sound like a dorky trip to some of you, but having been there and seen the change in ALL of the boys, I was amazed. It made the efforts we as leaders made worth it. This was by far the best camp I have ever been apart of. I loved it!

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