Saturday, August 18, 2007

To Casey...

My dear Casey,

Ok. So I am feeling kind of like the green popsicles in my fridge (they're the ones I don't like so I am leaving them till the last.) Maybe you think I'll monopolize the blog (which I might). Maybe I made your wife cry (which I'm sure I did). Maybe you thought Johnny and I communicated about stuff and he would tell me about the blog (which he obviously didn't). Or maybe, just maybe you simply forgot to invite me to be a part of the blog... I searched all my old emails thinking I must have missed the invite but there's nothing there. Please Casey, please let me be a part of the blog!! I promise I'll post good stuff!

Love, Emily

(Imagine Lila in this picture begging... please, Casey PLEASE!!!)


Italianstallion11885 said...

How did you post if I didn't invite you? This is exactly what we were trying to avoid. Just kidding, I thought I did. I hope you monopolize the posting because then at least people are posting!

Em Russ said...
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Nick and Tami Jones said...

Yeah, Lila could make me do anything with that cute puppy dog face. I miss her and Abby & Zack.