Sunday, August 19, 2007

Timpanogos Cave

So, I guess I better jump on this "blogging-bandwagon!" Our exciting weekend took us to Timpanogos Cave with our friends from "the village." I had never been there...or at least I don't remember if I ever have been, but it was really cool and I recommend it to anyone who hasn't been there. We got there just as the rain was ending, so it was a nice cool hike for us. The only thing that was bad was that they charge $7 per person to get into the cave, plus $3 per vehicle to drive into the canyon. But, I guess those park rangers have to make money somehow. :) Enjoy the pics!


Em Russ said...

I've always thought that the caves were so cool! I have planned on going tons but I never make it. I can't believe you don't remember going though... I think we went when Andy was a baby. As I remember though, it's quite the hike (or walk along a paved road up hill) if you're in my shape-which is slightly round! :)

Em Russ said...

I retract my statement about not remembering... it was pointed out to me that Shawnee was the author of the post. Sorry Shawnee! :)