Monday, January 14, 2008

More of Jan & Danny

**I fixed the pictures so I'm reposting it!**

I just posted some pictures on my blog from when Mom and Danny were here but I thought you guys would like to see a few more.

Mom & the kids at Chuck E. Cheese

Most of these were taken at the New England Aquarium. The most exciting thing they have there are the penguins. (They have real ones, not just the bronze one you see here!) I think that Danny thought they were cool.

This is us brainwashing Lila into wanting to be a veterinarian so that she would like her Christmas present (a veterinary hospital/doctor kit). It worked though, she LOVES the animal hospital!!

These are at Wendy's a few minutes before we dropped Danny off at the airport.

Lila & Danny's self portrait

and silly faces...

...and wet willy's...

...and smooches (sorry Shanna!)

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Nick and Tami said...

Cute pictures! Love these! I will miss Danny when he goes on his mission. Em, the pictures didn't all work on this blog either. It may just be my laptop, but mom said they didn't work either! Love ya! Tam