Monday, February 15, 2016

2/15/2016 ::: 6 months

We've come to the beginning of another week here at the temple here in Peru.  We have been here 6 months.  We still enjoy it and are so blessed.

Yesterday we went to church at the Palermo ward.

These are the Elders serving in this ward. Elder Anderson from Taylorsville and Elder Taures from Equador.

Elders Stevens from Texas, Gibson from Nevada, Ganza from Columbia, Weber from Oregon, and Wayne.  These Elders serve in the California ward and they were just leaving as we were getting out of sacrament meeting.  We love the young missionaries.

This was in Relief Society we sang Happy Birthday to a sister, the one in the orange shirt by Sister Malca who is on the right.  Sister Malca is probably almost 90 yrs old. She comes to the temple as a volunteer and helps fold clothes in the laundry.  She was also here 40 years ago when Wayne was a young missionary.  She and her husband are pioneers in the church in Trujillo.  Her husband died almost 2 yrs ago.

Sister Meza the mom and Sister Quintanilla the daughter.  They are great friends.

Brother Brionies with Wayne.  His sister Berta got married 40 years ago to Surgio Bendizu.  Wayne went to their marriage.  Brother Briones was 3 yrs old then.  He told us he remembers playing with the Elders then.  It was fun for Wayne to make that connection.

This group was outside the church. The lady in the orange is in the Relief Society. The Quintanilla's are there with their baby, he is a brother to the Quintanilla family we go to family night with.  The girl in the blue is Kiera Quintanilla, the niece of the couple and I don't know who the girl in the yellow is.

This guy was selling Valentine balloons on the way home from church.

I made this cheesecake for Wayne for Valentines Day.  He is my sweetheart.

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