Tuesday, February 16, 2016


6 months ago tomorrow, we left our family and home to serve our mission here in Peru.  What a great experience it has been.  We have enjoyed it and everything that comes along with it.  I do miss our kids, Grandkids, home, and Hooper.

It has been another fast week.  Today Wayne went with me to the Central Market to get some yarn. These are pictures outside the market on the street.

I think this is a load of sugar cane in this car.

This guy is selling chickens.

We bought some yarn.  I should be busy for a long time. Each color was 6 soles which is about $2.00

I loved the market.  We had been there before when Cory and Sarah were here.  It is so interesting to me to see the many varieties of Peruvians selling their goods.

We stopped at our mall on our way home to get a few groceries.

We were hoping the Subway would be open for lunch, but not yet, maybe soon.

We got our lunch at McDonald's and took it home to eat.

I wanted to get busy making checkers slippers out of the yarn.

I made this one first and did it wrong.  It is too skinny to get my foot in.  I'm doing another pair.  Hopefully they will be better.

I wanted to add this pictures of our missionary badges.  There is just something special about them.

We go back to the temple tomorrow to work on the next 17 months.

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