Friday, February 5, 2016


On Friday, 2/5/2015 we were invited to a sealing of the Smith family, Juan Carlos and Deysi.  They were inactive for several years.  They received a VIP invitation to the temple open house because Bro. Smith works with the Government office.  They didn't think much about going, they just left the invitation alone.

The Elders had gone to visit them and noticed the invitation and that it was a VIP invitation, which made it special.  The missionaries talked to them about the open house and told them they needed to go. Finally they decided to go.

When they went inside the temple they couldn't believe how beautiful and magnificent it was and the spirit that was there was special.  They decided they wanted to be sealed as an eternal family. They became active and worked at their goal.  They received their endowments several weeks before they were sealed. They have a little boy about 3 years old that was sealed to them.

This is Juan Carlos and Deysi Smith with the missionaries who helped them prepare and go to the temple, and Amy Becerra, Amy and her husband Marco are their friends and were a great support for them.  Marco who was at the sealing but was in the temple working when the picture was taken. Both of these couples are in the Chan Chan ward.  We were happy to be a part of this great ordinance.  We are so blessed to be serving in the Trujillo temple!

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