Sunday, February 21, 2016

Plaza, Chan Chan Ward, and Knitting

We left our apartment early this morning.  We decided to go to the Chan Chan Ward. The chapel is a few blocks away from the Plaza de Armas.  Every Sunday morning, they have a special flag ceremony, the military band plays, and they have a parade.  These are some of the pictures.

This is the band. They played the Peruvian National Anthem. Wayne liked that.  He videoed it but It was too long to attach. Sorry.

These are the search and rescue men and women. They stood at attention and sang as the band played.

This picture shows the different groups lined up to be the parade.

I liked this picture.  The women in the middle are dressed in the Peruvian skirts with their braided hair and hats.

There were some Gerber Daisies that they'd just planted in the flower beds.

The sacrament meeting was good.  We saw many of the people who work at the temple. It was a good morning.

When we got home, I made a chicken  and broccoli casserole for our lunch.  It wasn't very good and it made the house stinky.

In the afternoon, Sandy Hartman came and I showed her how to knit checkerboard slippers.

Bill joined us and showed us how to play a fun and easy card game.  It was nice to share out Sunday afternoon with the Hartman's and to do fun things with them. We enjoyed it.

A few days ago I mentioned that I needed to crochet myself some hot pads. The ones I have are bulky and I don't like them. Sandy was with me and said, "just a minute!"  She came back with these for me. She knitted them for me.  I thought it was so sweet of her.  She is my good friend and I sure do love her.

We had a great Sunday!  Tomorrow starts another week. The  Sister Sisters and the Fackrell's want to go to lunch so we will have a good time tomorrow.

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