Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Conference Weekend

Well, it seems about time that I make a post on here. I have added some new posts to my blog but I thought I would add some to this blog. These pictures are from after priesthood session of conference. I tried to take a picture of everyone that was there.

I know this looks dangerous, but Nick is just inspecting the air soft gun. Good thing we saved him some pizza...
Boys and their girls.

I really just walked around to take a picture of everyone and I captured exactly how it was with these pictures.
I tried to get them to smile but this was the best they would give me.
We were making frankeinstein candy dishes and McKenzie was making a vampire one. Look at to see my completed one.

Nat just got done feeding Benson. He was posed very cute so we took some pictures.
Notice that Benson was all decked out for the hunt.
This is one of the first times Andy held Benson. Can you tell?
The girls


Natalie said...

I just have to say that I love mom. Look at her in the bottom picture, she is so sweet holding Benson. What a fun time we all had. Thanks for the pictures, Tam.

Em Russ said...

Man I miss out on so much stuff!! I have a few comments.

1. I LOVE the picture of Andy holding Benson. Totally funny!!

2. Your crafts are totally cute. Will someone email me a more detailed picture of the spider one though... I didn't really get the full effect from the pictures I saw.

3. Love Benson's outfit. It's quite appropriate. (He didn't go duck hunting did he?) ;)

4. I also love mom. Seeing her hold Benson brings back memories of her sitting (sometimes in the middle of the night) holding my babies. Man I miss my mom some days! :) Mom... (if you ever read this) remember when Abby gave you a hicky on your chin... ha ha ha, still one of my favorite memories of all time!!

5. Love and miss you all and I love the blog. It helps me feel not so far away! (Thanks Case for setting it up!)