Saturday, October 6, 2007

A cute picture

I was looking through my pictures for a photo for my next post (stay tuned!!) and I saw this cute picture that I thought you'd enjoy. Anyone know how Judi's doing? Isn't she due soon?


Natalie said...

When was this picture taken? I saw Judi yesterday and she is looking very, very pregnant. She only has 8 weeks left. She is having a boy, but they still haven't decided on a name. She says that she's feeling really well and that everything is going well.... welp, that's the update.

Em Russ said...

I'm pretty sure it was 2 years ago at the 4th of July thing. Cute isn't it!!

Nick and Tami Jones said...

Why wasn't I in the picture? Those are my friends... :( Oh well. Cute picture though!

Em Russ said...

Sorry Tam! I don't know where you were... probably the Burger Bar! :(