Thursday, March 23, 2017

Water * Whitney Ripple Adventure

March 23, 2017

These Elders were in the office trying to figure out what to do.
Elders Miessner - Quispe - Peterson - Vasco - Camposano - Rosas - Maddocks - Plazas 

President Marble asked Wayne to get water to the missionaries, he said some of them haven't had water for days.  We went to the mission office to help.  It was decided that I would come to the temple and help the missionaries fill up their bottles with water from the temple.  I came back to the temple with Elder Maddock and two other Elders.  We filled their bottles and Freddy took them back to their area in Milagro.  I waited the rest of the day for missionaries to come with bottles to fill with water but none came.  Wayne spent the day delivering bottles of water that were at the mission office to a lot of missionaries.  He had a member who drives a taxi help him find the different missionaries.

Elder Logan called us and said he needed our help to get some water, so we met him and helped him this afternoon fill some containers with water for his zone in Esperanza.  He said the pentionistas don't have water to cook with.  It was so nice to be able to help just a little.

The Ripples and Whitneys left early this morning to see if they can get to Viru where the Whitneys live.  They needed to get some things from their apartment and they wanted to see if their apartment was even still there.  They did get to the apartment.  They had quite a journey crossing muddy and flooded streets and rivers.  It was an adventure.  They found the apartment ok.  They gave their food to the sister missionaries who live the floor above them and they got some stuff and came back here to stay.  They aren't sure what will happen with them and their assignment in Viru.  For now they will be staying here.

Brother Ripple

Brother Whitney - Sister Whitney - Sister Ripple

I've had some time to crochet so I've been working on this baby blanket set for Andy and McKenzie's baby girl to be born in June.  I like the colors.

Tomorrow the temple opens.  The grounds are beautiful! The temple is clean and ready for people to come and  receive the blessings of the temple.  It will be nice to be back serving the members in the temple.  

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