Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Elder Jeffery Quintanilla Return Missionary

March 1, 2017

We had the wonderful opportunity to share the afternoon with the Quintqnilla family and friends as they welcomed Elder Jeffrey Quintanilla home from his mission.  We went to the Palermo chapel  at 1:00 pm where Elder Jeffrey met with President Valdivia for an interview and was released as a missionary.    It was so fun to see him walk in teh church with many friends and family there to greet him.  

After the interview and release, President Valdivia got up to the pulpit and asked Brother Quintanilla to come up and give his son a blessing and he asked him to remove the missionary badge from his son's pocket as he is no longer a missionary.   I couldn't take pictures, I probably shouldn't have taken this one in the chapel.

Jeffrey Quintanilla
Sister Tierado and Sister Quintanilla

After the blessing and little meeting in the chapel, we all went to the stake presidents office where the cooler was going and we were able to take pictures.  

Brother Quintanilla removing his son's missionary badge.    It was a tender moment.  It's always hard for missionaries who return to take the missionary badge off after wearing it for 2 years.  It was a sweet moment.

Jeffrey with his mom and dad

Samir - Diego - Brother Quintanilla - Elder Jeffrey - Sister Quintanilla - Kira

The group taking the pictures
Notice Wayne there a head above the rest.

Jeffrey and Sister Haro

Sister Valdivia and Jeffrey

Brother and Sister Haro with Jeffery

Jeffrey with his Uncle, the Bishop, Brother and Sister Meza

Brother and Sister Tierado with Jeffrey  Brother Tierado is in the Stake Presidency

President Tierado and President Valdivia
Elder and Sister Haws with Elder Quintanilla

President and Sister Valdivia's daughter 

This was a special time for us.  We have been friends with the Quintanilla family since we got to Trujillo.  They have treated us like part of their family.  When Brother Quintanilla was in the chapel and giving Elder Quintanilla a blessing, Jeffrey asked if Wayne would please stand in with them.  It was kind of neat and a big honor to be asked to participate.  The only ones participating in the blessing was Brother Quintanilla, President Valdivia, Bishop Meza and Wayne.  It was pretty neat.

After we left the church we went to the Quintanilla home and were fed a wonderful lunch.  I made brownies in my big cookie tray and everybody loved them.  These are pictures from the lunch at their house.

It was such a nice afternoon.  We are so blessed to know these wonderful members of the church!  They are our good friends!

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