Monday, February 27, 2017

Don Bosco Fiasco

February 27th 2017

Don Bosco Fiasco

Today we went to the mall for our usual Chicken Fried Chicken Monday lunch at Chilis.  We enjoyed it as usual.  We didn't need to get anything from Tottus, so we went back to the Don Bosco store just to see if they had anything different.   We were happy when we saw a smaller version of the same picture that is above our bed, so we had to buy it.  It was 550 soles.  So now we have two big pictures.  I love them.  When I think of Peru, I think of this kind of country side.  They are more of the mountain areas of Peru, not Trujillo where we live.  That's alright though, I think they're just right.  

Now we have two big pictures for us and the smaller sets for our friends.  We're excited to share them with our friends when we go home to visit in a few weeks.

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