Sunday, February 5, 2017

Ground Hog Day * Singing In the Rain * Happy Birthday Shanna * California

Since we arrived here in Trujillo, Wayne and I have joked about everyday is like Ground Hog Day.  The weather is pretty much always the same and the temple work is always the same.  There isn't much difference from one day to another, much like the show Ground Hog Day.

When Wayne looked out the window at 11:11 pm on February 1st, it was RAINING!  It rained for almost an hour which made it just in time for Ground Hog Day!

We got so excited, we hurried and ran outside to sing and dance in the rain.  

We walked, sang, and laughed and enjoyed the rain shower!
Wayne stood where a rain gutter should be, under our balcony,  because the water puddles and he jumped and splashed in the puddles.  

Splashing in the puddle

I think he enjoyed it!

The thing that's funny about this is the last time it really rained was exactly a year ago, 
on Ground Hog Day!

These snails are everywhere.  They enjoyed the rain too.

* * * * *

The 4th was Shanna's Birthday 
Happy Birthday Shanna!
We Love You!

* * * * * *

We went to the California ward today and enjoyed the testimonies of the people in that ward.  When Wayne asked me what the lesson was about in Relief Society, I couldn't tell him because the lesson wasn't out of a manual one I could follow along with.  He said the High Priests talked about a Valentines party and they made all the planned for it for their lesson.  It was nice to be there though and enjoy the spirit of the wonderful members of this ward.  

We love being here and we love the many wonderful people we've grown to love. 

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