Monday, February 27, 2017

Family Home Evening

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February 27th 2017

This evening, we had our las FHE before the temple closes for cleaning and maintenance.  Brother and Sister Gomez were in charge.  Brother Gomez gave a short lesson about how important it is to teach our families the gospel in our homes.  Sister Gomez sang Love at Home and talked about being a mom with her young children.  She told of how the missionaries taught them and they joined the church.  She expressed how singing to her children and with her children helped to bring the spirit into their home.  It was a short lesson but nice.  

We played a game after the lesson, it was rally quite silly but we all had a good laugh none the less.  The game went something like this.  

We all stood in a circle.  Sister Gomez said to Brother Gomez, "have you seen Tongo lo tao?"  She said something like that, it was in Spanish and I didn't understand it, neither did Wayne, neither did the Ripples and we were the first ones in the circle to do it.  We went around the circle saying this to each other, putting our thumb on our nose as asked this to each other around the circle.  Then the second time around, we said the same thing and put our other thumb on our pinki finger.  The third time around, we had to squat a bit.  The forth time around, Sister 
Gomez pushed and we all toppled over like dominoes.  I guess you'd have to be there.  I took a video of part of it, maybe I can figure out how to get it attached.  It was funny anyway.  

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We had some yummy refreshments.  I made the chocolate chip cookies. 

It was a fun evening!

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