Sunday, February 26, 2017

Happy Birthday George * Palermo Stake Conference

February 26, 2017
The 24th was George's 3rd birthday
Happy Birthday George!
We Love You!

Palermo Stake Conference
Feb 26th 2017

Today we went to the Palermo Stake Conference.  We love this stake and the many members of the church who are in this stake.  the meeting was very good.  The Choir sang I Feel My Saviors Love and Faith In Every 
Footstep.  They were beautiful.  We went to this conference 6 months ago, so there are pictures of the many members on the August 28th 2016 blog post so I didn't take many pictures.

The visiting authority at the Conference was Mathias Held.  He's in the Quorum of the Seventy and is from Columbia.  He gave a very good talk.  He made a very good analogy of people who get a heart transplant.   It went something like this.  If you have a failing heart, you don't have energy and being sick your life isn't very good.  It's is such a great blessing when you finally get a matching heart and are able to have the transplant.  Once the operation is completed, you instantly feel better , but the body has a way of trying to reject the new heart.  The patient is given medicine to help trick the body into accepting the new heart.  The patient feels great and the heart is working as it should. The patient feels like he is doing so well he doesn't think he needs to take the medicine, missing some days taking it.  As time goes on, he takes the medicine less and less and the body begins to reject the heart.  The patient starts feeling bad again and is put back on the list to get a new heart.  

He compared this heart transplant to us and being given a new heart or new life as we are baptized, making covenants, and living the Gospel.  Our spiritual life and sould is like this heart. When we are happy and are living the Gospel as we should, We are so blessed to have the blessings of the Gospel of 
Jesus Christ in our lives and in our families. It makes us feel good and we are happy as we live life.  We forget to do the little things like pray, read the scriptures, and have FHE.  Slowly our spirit grows weak and we feel a little rejected from Heaven.  

We need to saty strong and keep doing all the little things that help our spirit to stay close to our 
heavenly Father and Jesus as we werve others and live every day.  This will help us to be strong and to be on the path we want to be on.      

President Valdivia's daughter with her grandma Sister Valdivia.  Her dad was in charge of the meeting and her mom was singing in the choir.   Sister Valdivia is a volunteer at the temple.  She greets the members as they walk to the dressing rooms at the end of the hall by the picture of Christ with the little lamanite girls.  A very good place for her to be because she's so loving and happy to welcome everybody to the temple.  She is a sweet sister.  

The choir, pianist, and violist

We saw this sign on the way home from church. I had to take a picture because we have a Crew

We Had a great time at the meetings and were a little sad because this is the last time we will go to the Palermo Stake Conference, in 6 months we will be home in Utah.  Happy but sad.

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