Monday, February 13, 2017

FHE * Salazar Family * Sister Casos Birthday

Family Home Evening

Tonight we had Family Home Evening with the temple missionaries, President and Sister Diaz came too.  The Ripples were in charge of the lesson. 

Brother Ripple read about the geographic areas of Canada 

Sister Ripple taught us more about Canada and Nova Scotia, this is where they're from.  We had a quiz after to see what we remembered.  The reward was an apple. They did a good job.

After the lesson there was some more teaching and answering questions about the beautiful place the Ripple's call home in Nova Scotia.  

Daniel Salazar brought his family to sing to us for our FHE.  They sang us two songs.  The first on was so unique.  they each sang their own part, then one at a time they added the parts together until they were all singing together, it was beautiful, but to long to add here.
They also sang I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus.  It was beautiful!

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Salazar Family
Daniel, Jenefer, Eiko, Enoc, Haru, Obed

After the lesson we had treats and food, whatever anyone wanted to bring.  

Sister Casos had her birthday yesterday, so we celebrated her birthday.  Sister Ripple made a carrot cake and we sang Happy Birthday to her.  I left to get the creamy potatoes I made, so I missed getting a picture of the birthday cake and blowing out the candles.  You can see the cake on the left side oif the picture.  

This is Haru, she's my little friend, she's 7.  I think if I spent a few days with her, she'd teach me how to speak Spanish.  In Japanese, her name means Spring.  She's a happy but busy little girl.  She came with me to get the potatoes and then she wanted to take room key card and beep all the doors, she thought it was fin.  She really liked the elevator.  Most of the little children here don't know what an elevator even is and is very different and new to them.  

President and Sister Casos with the Salazar family
Temple Missionaries
Why is it that the person on the end always looks huge?  Maybe I am.

Temple Presidency

*** Insert Video Here Where Love Is  ***

At the end of the night, the Salazar family sang one last song for us, Where Love Is.

Such a good way to end a good day!

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