Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Our Table * Bride & Groom

February 22, 2017

I want to remember the fun times we shared together here in Trujillo.  Eating lunch at Chili's is one of them!  We are sitting in our booth at Chili's in this picture.  Yes, we have our booth.  It sits 6 people, it's the second booth on the left side as you walk toward the restrooms at the back of the restaurant.  It's the one we always sit in when we eat lunch here.  When Bill and Sandy Hartman were here, we always sat in out booth as we shared lunch.   I like sitting next to Wayne, I love visiting with him and we can see the big screen TV.  We usually watch Soccer or Rugby while we eat.  We haven't figured out Rugby yet.

Tuesday these two received their endowments in the temple.  I saw them as we took our turn at the alberge front desk.  They were happy to let me take their picture.  They were sealed on Wednesday.

We went to Pizza Hut for lunch today.  We decided to get their promotion special.  I got a personal size supreme pizza, garlic bread and a drink for 14.90 soles, about $5.00. Wayne got Lasagna with garlic bread and a drink for 16.90 soles, which is about $5.70.  It was all very good.  I didn't take my phone so there aren't any pictures.  

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