Sunday, February 19, 2017

Valentine's Day * Cousin Party * Primavera Ward

Valentines Day

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For Valentine's Day, we worked in the temple.  It was a good day!
I'm so thankful for Wayne and for the wonderful man he is.  I'm so glad he's my sweetheart!

I converted our Christmas-Valentine tree to a Shamrock tree.  You can hardly see the tissue paper shamrocks., but all I had green was tissue paper so it had to be good enough, we're in Peru.  I really like the lights on the tree at night and I'm trying to make them last as long as I can.  Sandy Hartman said I can put Easter eggs on it next.

Alex 7, Benson 9, Zack 10, Lila 12, Abby 10, Molly 7, Addilyn 4
Jack 4 , Luke 5, Barrett 5, Crew 4, Finley 4
Hank 1, Mack 2, Crosby 3, George almost 3
Saturday night, Natalie and Casey had a Valentine's party for the cousins.  While the cousins played together, the parents were able to have a date night.
Not pictured, Alice 1, Jayne 1, Duncan 1, Nora 10 months

Leaving to go to church this morning.

Barrio Primavera

We attended the Primavera ward this morning for our church meetings.  We know a lot of members in this ward and felt very welcome.  President Davila was in the meeting.  His wife substituted the Sunday School lesson, it was Matthew 13.  It was about the Parables of Christ.  She did a great job at the last minute.

This is the only chapel we've been to with Hymn books in the benches. It was really nice.  You can see Oscar in the back putting the hymn numbers up on the board.


Osacr making sure the chapel is ready for the meeting.  He's the assistant engineer at the temple.  He's always fixing and making sure everything is just right.  It looks like he does the same thing at the church.  After the meeting started, someone handed Oscar a note asking him to speak for 10 minutes, filling in for a speaker who didn't show up. He did a good job.

Elder Babbel and Elder Nunez
Elder Babbel played the piano and did a great job.

Elder Peek and Elder Morote

Relief Society was good.  I don't understand what is being taught most of the time,  so I try to follow the lesson in English and teach myself as we go along.  The lesson was #3 in the Teachings of the Prophet Gorden B Hicnkley.  It was a really good lesson.  I enjoyed his message encouraging us to be optimistic and grateful for what we have, to compliment instead of complain, and to be happy.  It was just a good lesson and I'm glad I felt the spirit as I learned.

Relief Society teacher teaching the lesson.

In the gym, they still had decorations up from their Amor y Amistad celebration.

After the meetings,  kids taking balloons from the arch.

This evening, we talked to our kids, they had the birthday party for the February birthdays and it was fun to see them all and talked to some of them, also Ronola which was nice.

Tonight, we took our quilt outside to sit on the grass and watch the traffic go by.  The evening sky was beautiful.  You can see the  bright star Uranus.
A beautiful ending of a beautiful day.

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