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Since we've been here in Peru, I've jsut wanted to get in the car and go for a rice to see what's out there.  When we got home from the temple last night and were talking about where we would go to church today, Wayne said Predisent Casos and Miguel were going to Chiclayo.  My response was,  "OH, I want to go there sometime."  Wayne's response was, " Can you be ready by 4:15 in the morning, we are going to go with them."   I've wanted to go to Chiclayo, Chimbote, and Cajamarca just to see a different part of Peru.  I know we won't be seeing Cajamarca because the altitude would make me sick and am glad to have the pictures from the Ripples that I posted.   I was very glad we got to go to Chiclayo!!

Wayne and I went with President Casos at 4:15 am and went to pick up Miguel.  Miguel drove and we were on the road by about 4:45 am.  It was dark so I really couldn't see much, but I was just happy to be going for a ride.  Wayne, President Casos and Miguel visited, I listened and looked out the window, enjoying what I could see.  

At about 6:00 am it started to get light.  I took pictures from the car as we drove so they are pretty blurry. 

Wayne President Casos Miguel

Pacasmayo Cement Plant

Sister ??? will always be a dear friend!  She came to the temple for her own endowment and then to be sealed to her husband.  We had only been working in the temple for only a few days.  Sister Casos asked me to be her escort.  It made me worried,  because I didn't know very much Spanish and couldn't talk to her.  I did know how to show and love her,  so I was able to sit by and help her side in the session.  It was a sweet sweet experience.   I saw her one other time sitting in the lobby of the temple and we hugged again.  I wasn't able to get a picture of her or her name.  

We saw Sister ??? at this sacrament meeting in Chiclayo.  It was such a sweet sweet reunion again.  I still can't speak Spanish to her, but the sweet reunion was a memory I will never forget.  I know that someday in Heaven the reunion of those we've helped with temple work will be like it was when I saw her in this sacrament meeting, and was able to hug her again.  Que linda!!

Sister ??? and her husband

Gardens around the chapel

Sitting area around the institute part of the chapel

While President Casos was in his meetings, Miguel drove around Chiclayo.  I was surprised at how much it felt like Trujillo.  These pictures were taken as we drove around the streets.

Casa Andina Hotel

The church in the plaza

They were having a little parade.  It looked like the school kids from different schools,  were marching in front of their city officials.  

More picture of the Chiclayo

After we had seen enough of the city, we went back to the church and relaxed in the institute area while Miguel took a little siesta.  The next two pictures of looking out the back of the chapel and institute.

We ate lunch at this restaurant before heading back home.


Fields of Rice

Fields of rice



Brother and Sister Bentley lived in Pacosmayo for about a year.  They were moved to the office to do the responsibilities of finance and record clerks, replacing the Sister Millers who went to the area office to serve.  

The cement plant


I had to hurry to get this picture.  Wayne is pointing to the street the Fackrells lived on.  

Another familiar street in Chocope

The main street headed toward Trujillo

Chocope Hospital

We arrived home at about 6:30 pm.  It was a wonderful day!
We  enjoyed the company and the wonderful sights of Peru.

Thanks President Casos and Miguel for taking us to Chiclayo!!

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