Monday, May 1, 2017

Laureles Ward * Garbage * May Day Lunch

We have finished another week.  They seem to be going by quickly.

Sunday we went to the Laureles ward for our Sacrament meeting.  

Wayne with Elder Luna from Argintina and Elder Lee from Oakdale California

It was fun to see these two at sacrament meeting.  Elder Castillo and Sister Hilda.  Elder Castillo served here with Jaden Mecham 4 or so years ago.  Jaden baptized Hilda.  She is serving in The Relief Society.  

I'm with Sister Prieto and Sister Barnes
Sister Barnes is from West Haven, she went to Fremont, her older sister is friends with Millie and Judi, and we sure like her.  The first time we met her was when her zone came to the temple.  She had only been in Trujillo for a few weeks, I gave her a big hug, there was something special about it.

I had a banana that needed to be made into something or thrown away.  I got a recipe off the internet for a banana muffin which only needed one banana.  It only made 8 muffins.  They were really yummy and moist but very crumbly.  I also made some macaroni salad because I thought it sounded good. 


Today is Monday!  I've spent the morning cleaning the apartment while Wayne did some Unicad work.   

When Wayne went to dump our garbage to the dumpster,  he said I should take a picture of it, so this is it. When Wayne was here serving his mission as a young Elder, he made a JUNK book with all kinds of wrappers and sticker to remind him of being here.  I suppose someday, this will be a memory for us. 

Kraft BBQ Sauce, D'Onofrio Ice Cream, Durazno Juice, Gloria Milk, Egg Carton, a holey sock, Pizza Hut, I wish we could see what else is on there.  

This afternoon we had a special lunch because it was May 1st which is a special day like May Day.  All of the paid temple worker and the temple missionaries were invited to the lunch.  One of the maintenance guys and his wife fixed the food, it was really pretty good.  We had pork chops, rice some kind of sausage, cucumber and tomato salad, papas with Aji sauce. 

The plates ready and waiting for the meat.

Miguel and Carlos helping 

When we went at 1:00 this is what it looked like, It didn't look like lunch was ready.

We were told the lunch was at 12:00.  Wayne went down to see what was going on at 12:00.  There were a few ladies in the kitchen preparing the food, but the food wasn't ready and nobody was there to eat.  He came back to our apartment and said it would be a while.  At  about 1:00 we went back down and it still wasn't ready.  We finally ate at about 1:30.  


The food was finally ready to eat and people finally started to show up at about 1:30.  It was a nice lunch and it was fun to visit and be with the people who keep things going at the temple.  

We had a good day, it was relaxed and we were able to just enjoy the day off.  

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