Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Genealogy, We Are Doing It!

Genealogy, We Are Doing It!

I've always thought it would be fun to find a family name and then take that name to the temple and do all the work for them.  Since we've been here in Trujillo,  I've been blessed to be able to take family names to the temple and do the temple ordinances for them.  I always feel such a sweet spirit as I participate, or help officiate in the different ordinances.

It started when Greg sent some names and Natalie sent us a few names, then Greg sent Wayne some Haws names, Natalie sent some more names from my side of the family and Danny found a bunch of Widdison names and sent them to Wayne so we could help get the temple work done for these ancestors.  

Wayne has been very involved in organizing them and keeping track of each name to make sure all the ordinances get done.   It's all sparked an interest in Family Search and how we are related to all of them.   We've been blessed as we've been able to do hundreds of ordinances for these relatives of ours not by ourselves, but with the help of the Peruvian members coming to the temple.  It has given us a different focus when we go to the temple everyday as temple missionaries.  We are yet blessed again, by serving our mission and are so grateful for this wonderful opportunity.  

I guess it makes sense the name Widdison comes from the son of a widow.

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