Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Papa a la Huancaina * Family Home Evening * Saying Goodbye to the Ripples

Papa a La Huancaina

We have been eating papas a la huancaina for almost two years now.  We always say we should learn how to make it but we never do.  Monday Sister Ripple arranged with Sister Guevara to come to our apartment to show us how to make it.   It was a very simple process. 

4 huancaina peppers with no seeds
(if you want it hot, add the seeds)
1/12 Cups fresh cheese
1 small purple onion
1/2 clove garlic
Saute the ingredients in oil until tender
add a pinch of salt

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Put 1/2 vegetables in the blender, add about 5-6 soda crackers, add 1/2 can of evaporated milk.  The mixture thickens as it is blended.  Repeat with the other 1/2 of vegetables.   This is served at room temperature over potatoes that have been cooked and sliced, topped with a piece of boiled egg and a purple olive.  

I didn't thing to take pictures, but Wayne took these.
Taking the seeds out of  the peppers

Sauteing the peppers

Papas a la huancaina is what Sister Geuvara brought to family home evening tonight.  She cooked some little potatoes and removed the skins, we dipped them in this sauce she made.
I made creamy potatoes, everyone loves them, President Casos asked if I'd make them, so I did. 

Family Home Evening

We had family home evening in the Casos apartment.  Since Bill and Sandy Hartman left, and we've had a dinner when a missionary couple leaves.  Everyone brings something to make a meal.  Los Casos - Chicken a la king with rice, Los Coacalla - mixed vegetables, Los Woods - pizza, Los Gomez - ???, Los Guevara -  papa a la huancaina, Los Haws - creamy potatoes, Los Diaz - lemon desert.  Someone brought a cheesecake.  It was all delicious and we had a good evening.

Thanks Wayne for taking some pictures.

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Getting set for pictures


Tonight the Ripples finished their mission.  They were only able to serve 6 month of their 18 month mission. They rented their house to some people they knew.  They were members of their ward and it was just a good fit for them to live in Peter and Debbie's house while they served their mission.  About a month ago, they found out the people renting their house bought a house of their own and they'd be moving out of the end of May.  This put Peter and Debbie in a bad spot because they couldn't rent their house out again and they needed the money to stay here in Trujillo serving their mission.  As a result, they left tonight to go home.  We will miss them, they are unique in their own way,we love them and  have enjoyed getting to know them.  One day we might go to Nova Scotia to visit them.  
They will be missed! 
One last garbage run.

One last bite of something on my way out the door.

Waiting to go to the airport!
It was very windy

Pictures with the selfie stick.

Los Haws * Los Ripple *  Los Casos * Los Ripple

Ripples rode with President and Sister Casos

The woods rode with us in a taxi

A final hug goodbye!

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