Sunday, May 7, 2017

Primavera Ward


This morning, we decided to go to the California ward at 10:00.  At about 8:30, Wayne said we should go to the Primavira ward only problem is it started at 9:00 and we weren't ready.  We hurried and got ready and left by 8:45.  As we pulled out of the temple grounds gate, we saw this.  Wayne said I should take a picture, so I tried to but didn't get a good one.  This is a group of men and women jogging along the road and chanting together.  It was really kind of neat, something we've never seen here before. 

We followed this truck loaded with corn or sugar cane, can't really tell.

We arrived at the church and were happy to see the mission office Elders and President Davila in the foyer.  We greeted them and  talked with them for a few minutes.  The missionaries are the office Elders.  

Elders Morote - Nunez- Peek - Moore - Babbel  
Elder Peek was not at the meeting, he got transferred.  
This is just a picture I had of the mission office Elders.  Brother and Sister Bentley were also there.  This is the ward they all go to every week.  Sister Bentley asked us if we came to their ward because they were getting a new bishopric.  We didn't know that but we were happy were happy to be there for it.  

Elder Babbel played the piano for the music, he did a great job.  He was waiting for the meeting to start.  It finally started at about 9:10.

Brother and Sister Bentley gave a presentation about having a missionary open houses.  They are having one in the Primavera ward on May 20th.  They explained it to the members of the ward so they can all help to make it be successful.  They also showed a short video showing an open house that was done in Lima.  

We had an enjoyable time and were happy we decided to go to the Primavera ward today.  

Last night I finished this doily.  I like our carpet, the pattern on it makes it easy to block my doily.  

This is the little doily I finished last week.  It's only about 6 or 7 inches.
Wayne told me today in Sacrament meeting that we only have 9 more Sundays to be in Trujillo.  WOW!!

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