Monday, May 8, 2017

Goodbye Lunch

This afternoon we went to lunch at Squalos.  
Peter and Debbie Ripple are going home next week on the 16th.  They will have served here 6 months.  They rented their house to some members who were going to live in it for the 18 months Peter and Debbie would serve their mission.  They found out a couple of months ago that these people living in their house had bought a house and they'd be moving into their new house the end of May.  

In Canada, the insurance companies are kind of strict about insuring a house when the owner doesn't live in it.  Peter and Debbie had to persuade them that is would be OK to insure the house.

With the people moving out, it would be hard for Peter and Debbie to get the insurance company to insure their house and it would even be harder for Peter and Debbie to find someone they trusted to live in their house and they needed the income from the house to help pay for their mission.  As a result, they will be going home after serving here 6 months.  We are sad about all of this.  We've really enjoyed getting to know them and having them here.  They will forever be our Nova Scotia friends.  They've brought a different perspective as they've served and the spirit they share is sweet.  We will miss them.  

The Whitney's are MLS missionaries serving in the South mission but they've been to lunch with us many times.  They will be going home in 3 weeks, so the lunch was for them too.  They've been a great help to President and Sister Rios, as they've helped them learn how to serve as a mission president.  They lived in Viru but we saw them a lot when they came to the temple with the young missionaries.  We will miss them too.  
Sister Whitney -  Brother Whitney - Sister Ripple - Brother Ripple - Sister Bentley - Brother Bentley - President Casos

President and Sister Casos - Brother and Sister Wood

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Wayne's favorite Tallerines Alfredo Lomos

We had a wonderful time with great company.  This group will never be together again.  The people of Trujillo have been blessed by these two couples serving here and we have been blessed too!

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