Friday, December 16, 2016

Growing Family - Mamma's Pizza - Rain?

Our family is GROWING!
We talked to Andy and McKenzie during the week They emailed us their Christmas card and we read it while they were on the phone.

Andy and Muck are having a baby in June!  We're so excited.  It will be fun to go home to a new baby.  We kind of missed out on the last 5 babies since we've been here in Peru.  

Yesterday we went to Lamanites to temple plate for President and Sister Coacalla.  We drew their name for the Christmas gift exchange at the Christmas Party for the missionaries on Monday.  

As we walked out to the street, they were cutting the Sugar Cane.  These are the best pictures I could get.  

Wayne called me from the temple to see if he'd left his little temple notebook on the desk.  I looked all around and didn't see it.  He called me back and asked me to look again.  This is where the little book was hiding.   

These members had been in our temple session earlier.  

Tonight we went on a date to Mamma's Pizza.  It's kind of funny because every day and night here is like a date night.  Anyway, I thought it was sweet for Wayne to want to take me on a date.  

The weather outside all day looked like it might rain, it really never does.  We did see a rainbow on our way to Mamma's though.

We had a great Pizza and Calzone!  It was nice to enjoy the evening away.  

After we ate, we walked to the street Larco and walked up it to explore.  There is a shop that has chandeliers hanging inside, fancy statues, and fancy decor. We'd seen this shop before as we've passed by, but tonight we walked in and looked around.  It was unique in it's own way.  We seriously thought we might find a Friendly Indian Clock, they really had some unique decor pieces. 

It was dark outside, this is a Nativity you can't see buy you can see all the lights hanging inside the store.
Who in Peru can afford these kind of things?

I liked this water fountain

While we walked, it really started raining.....
.....well it sprinkled!

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