Monday, December 19, 2016

P-Day - Christmas Party

This morning we decided to go to the Plaza de Armas.  Wayne wanted to get him a hat and I wanted to see if they had the Christmas display up and they are. Many of them were done by the different schools.  It was daytime so the lights weren't on, but there were several cute ones.  

We saw a guy selling selfie sticks.  Wayne was intrigued by them and inquired.  We ended up buying two, one for me and one for him for 10 soles.  We should have gotten one of these a long time ago!  The rest of the pictures were taken with a selfie stick.  It was fun to be able to take pictures all over.   

The guy selling the selfie stick

We left the Plaza and crossed the street toward McDonald's.  

This is how they sell Christmas wrapping paper here.  They also roll a little bit up and you can but a small roll.  It probably wouldn't wrap more than one small gift.  Very different than the big rolls I can buy at Sam's or Costco. 

These next pictures were taken as we walked up one of the streets toward Espana.  Some crazy pictures.  

This lady was counting out a bunch of cash.  

This stroller coming toward us had twins in it.  

This is a fabric store!  I couldn't believe all the fabric.  It made me want to find something to sew. 

Selling tile and sinks

The guy in the green shirt was screen printing 2017 calendars.

A Nice Hotel

"Look Sandy, a volkswagon!"

"Look Sandy, a Volkswagon"

When we got to Espna, we turned around and walked back to the Plaza on the pedestrian street.

Wayne's new hat. 

There are ruins under the glass sidewalk

We stopped at a little tienda that sells souvenirs.  I loved the little nativity sets.

Wedding dresses

This guy behind us was selling stress balls with faces. 

This guy was selling airplanes and his sell pitch was,  they will help your kid learn to be pilots. 
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We went in this little shop to get me a purse the selfie sticks would fit in.  

My new purse/bag, just right for carring the selfie stick

Not everyday we see a Cadillac

We got a Taxi and headed to the Adventura Mall to get lunch.

This was on display in one of the stores.

A shot of the mall

At Chili's
In our usual spot, but missing some friends.

We had a great day and took lots of pictures thanks to the selfie stick and Wayne.

Monday night we had the Christmas Party with the temple missionaries.  Our assignment was Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mashed Potatoes, and Cooked Carrots.  I was happy to be able to cook for a group, and even to make cookies.

The Christmas Party
We were the first ones to arrive at the party.


Brother Gomez

The Ripples and Brother Guavara

The Group
We drew President and Sister Coacalla' name to for the gift exchange.  
We gave them a Trujillo Temple plate with a stand to hold it.  They likes it.  
This is a picture of Sister Hartman's plate, that's where we got the idea from.

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