Monday, December 5, 2016

Chili's and FHE

 This morning I cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom.  I even cleaned the light fixtures.  I vacuumed, mopped all the floors, and dusted to make it feel a little cleaner in our apartment.

This afternoon we went to Chili's for lunch.  We had our usual Chicken Fired Chicken, just me and Wayne.  We looked at the different pictures on the walls for the decor these and I had to take a few pictures.   Everything is in English which is fine with me.

We met these two sisters in the food court having lunch.  We visited with them and could feel the sweet spirit they have.  They are serving in Huanchaco which isn't far from the temple.  Sister Herdklotz has a brother who just got a mission call to serve in St. George speaking Spanish. 

Hermana Haro from Ecuador and Hermana Herdklotz from Minnesota

Family Home Evening

Brother and Sister Gomez did a short lesson about Christmas.  Sister Gomez quietly sand songs as the men read in Luke about the birth of Christ.  It was nice.  
Sister Gomez had us play a game with a squeaky mouse and a cat.  The mouse looked like a real little mouse, the cat was just a little stuffed animal.  The mouse went first, we passed it to each other and had to squeak it before it went on to the next person then the mouse was passed behind and we were trying to get the mouse to catch the mouse.  Sister Luz Guevara was not having anything to do with the mouse.  She got up out of her seat and moved far away from the game.  It was kind of fun.  
We also talked about helping fold towels and sheets from the hospitality center.  It was decided that two people would help on Saturday morning from 10:00 to 12:00.  I am going to help this Saturday.
We had refreshments, with little potatoes dipped in sauce, jello with fruit, and guacamole with chips.  I had to get the little green cups Sandy Hartman left for the jello.  President Casos talked about having Christmas dinner on the 19th at their apartment and we drew couple names for a gift exchange.

Brother Gomez, Sister Guevara Castro, Brother Guevara Castro, Sister Gomez, and Sister Casos 

Sister Luz Guevara Megan, Pres. Casos, Brother Gomez
Brother Ripple, Brother Guevara Megan taking pictures and Wayne

My best friend, Wayne!

Pres. and Sister Cocacalla

Sister Gomez, Sister Ripple, Sister Guevara Castro, Sister Casos

Sister Luz Guevara's head, she's cutting and serving the jello, Sister Gomez, Sister Ripple, Sister Casos, and Brother Ripple

Sister and Brother Guevara Megan, The Ripples, Brother Guevara Castro, Sister Gomez

Brother and Sister Ripple and Brother and Sister Guevarra Castro
I can't help but miss the winter weather at home with the cool air and the snow.  I love Hooper!

We had a nice day!

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