Sunday, December 18, 2016

Monserrat Primary Program - Friends - Snowflakes

These are some pictures I took on the way to church this morning.

This is a bridge, sometimes the taxi driver takes us up over it, but usually we drive around it.  

We went to Barrio Monserrat to listen to the Primary Program.  

These are the missionaries from Barrio Laureles, people were putting notes and cards to the missionaries. Such a sweet idea.

The Children did a really good job presenting their program.  They sang the songs with enthusiasm and they had their parts memorized.  This will be the last program for this year.  

I didn't take any pictures of the kids, they all had badges pinned on them with this picture on it with red, yellow, and blue ribbons around the picture.  They were cute.  

Elder Salazar and Elder McMillan from West Valley City, Utah.  he goes home about the same time we do. 

Hermana Espinola and Hermana Asher

Sister Asher played the piano for the meeting.  She did a great job playing for the Primary Program too.  She's a sweet girl.  I emailed this picture to her mom.

This is Maria Aurora.  I love her!  She is a really sweet Sister.  She works in the laundry in the temple.  It seems like she is always there quietly washing and folding clothes all day long.  I've helped her several times  for a few hours.  I can't imagine doing it all day.  What a great member of the church.

Sister Mayella Caceda and Amy

I love these two.  They are great friends and great members of the church.

 Amy and Anali

We enjoyed visiting this ward and had a good time. 

When we got home from church, the guard at the gate of the temple had a package for us. 
What could it be?

Tami and Nick sent us a package with letters from the kids and SNOWFLAKES!  Tami said since we don't have any snow, they sent us some.  

  It's been kind of chilly in our apartment since we hung up all the snowflakes.  It was a great surprise. 

Luke made the colored snowflakes and Tami made the white ones.  We thought it was funny Luke made a "yellow snow" flake. 

It was a great surprise!!

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