Monday, December 12, 2016

Grandma Verlie - Christmas Lunch - Marshall and Olsen

December 12, 2016

Happy Birthday Grandma Verlie! I love this picture! I love it because it reminds me so much of living next to my Grandma Verlie. She is the one on the right. I am the little one by her. If you look, you can see that Grandma has on an apron and so do I. I am also wearing Grandma's big high heel shoes. I spent many hours by her side as I watched her bake and cook. I learned many wonderful things helping and I'm sure being in her way, as she worked. The grin on my face says it all. I love my Grandma for loving me and for always being there. Today is her birthday, she would be 112. I love you Grandma! My sister Becky is by me and Grandma's sister Elva and her husband Clawson are there by Grandma, they must have been visiting Grandma.

The temple missionaries were invited to the Christmas lunch for the paid employees of the temple.  It was at Romanos this afternoon at 12:30 pm.  The Ripples rode with us so we left home at about 12:00, we didn't want to be late.  We were the first ones there, so we just waited and we finally started the lunch at about 1:15 pm.  

We're all just waiting.  

I'm talking to Peter, in English!

Our appetizers were delicious. I tried the Ceveche, it's that dish with the 3 colors you can see there.  It was pretty good, but I didn't like it enough to get it for my main entree.  I'm glad I can now say I've has Ceveche.

Carlos with his food

Miguel down there.  He's the only one looking at me.

Wayne's dessert

The ice cream dessert
We enjoyed the afternoon with these wonderful people.  They are all our friends and we see them all as we serve in the temple.  So glad we were invited to join them today.

Bill and Sandy Hartman have been home for three weeks now and we still miss them a lot.  We talked to them this morning and caught up on what's been going on in our lives.  Sandy texted us this picture.  These two visited them last night.

This is what Sandy wrote with the picture.  Look who came to visit. So fun catching up with these two from the Trujillo North Mission. McKlayne Marshall and Kyler Olsen.

We have missed seeing these two and so many of the other missionaries we got to know that have gone home.  Fun that Bill and Sandy were able to visit with them last night.  They are great young men and they look so happy.  They're both going to Utah State.  

Tomorrow we go back to serving in the temple.  The days seem to go by fast.  
Before we know it, it'll be Christmas!

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