Sunday, December 4, 2016

Happy Birthday Abby and Zack * Barrio Buenos Aires

Happy Birthday!

Today is Abby and Zack's 10th birthday!

Happy Birthday Abby!  We love you!

Happy Birthday Zack!  We love you!

Today Wayne and I went to the Buenos Aires ward for our meetings.  I've wanted to drive along the road that goes by the ocean for a long time, this morning, Wayne had the taxi driver take us to church that way.  It was so neat to see the ocean and hear the waves.  I don't know what it is, but I love the ocean.  These are some pictures we tried to take along the way. We were in a taxi. 

These pictures are looking toward Trujillo, you can see the tqll buildings.  

Toward the left, you can barely see the temple above the trees.

Buenos Aires chapel.  It has geraniums planted in front.

This is Brother Eilo Floreano, he was there from Chiclayo.  He was visiting his sick father who is 88 years old.  

While Wayne was visiting with Brother Floreano, I went inside and took these pictures.  The building was very neat and clean.

The open door on the left is the entrance.

The ward bulletin board.
Notice the Light the World sign in the bottom right corner.

Tithing slips

The kitchen  I can't imagine doing a ward activity in this tiny kitchen.  

The Relief Society Room, the kitchen is in one end.

I thought this was cute.  The black board was about a foot off the floor so the little kids in the nursery could write on it.  
This man use to work at the temple

Derek and Dillon, Diego and their sister with their mom.

We see her at the temple a lot

Sister Torres and Sister Cortez

Elder Carmen played the piano for the meeting.  This little girl just wanted to watch him, her mom had a hard time getting her to go.  Wayne was talking to Elder Carmen.  

I only took one picture and it's blurry!  Elder Aranas and Elder Carmen the assistants to the mission president.

Louisa and Eva, twins with their mother. 

Brother and Sister Escalente and their daughter Mabel inthe middle.  Mabel swerved a mission in California ans she speaks English.  She's a teacher and teaches Spanish.  I should be one of her students.

 Wayne and I arrived early to the meeting so we greeted some of the members as they arrived.  One of the sisters we greeted was Natalie.  She was about 30 or so and she had a little girl about 1 or 2 years old with her.  She ended up sitting two rows behind us.  During the meeting, the little girl started crying.  She cried for a minute or two and a counselor in the bishopric walked off the stand and asked her to take the crying little girl out.  She picked up their stuff and with tears running down her cheeks, she left the meeting.  She walked past me and Wayne because we were sitting by the door.  I said to Wayne, " She will never come back."  Wayne felt bad too, he almost got up to see what he could do, we could see this was not a good thing.  It was only a few seconds later that Mabel, went running after Natalie and then another sister from the ward went too.  We watched them through the refection of the glass and they hugged and talked for a while as tears were being wiped away.  They got Natalie to stay and Natalie and the little girl went to the nursery.  I went in the nursery to try to be friendly to her but with my limited Spanish, I couldn't really say much, but I did give her a hug.  Wayne talked to both of the sisters who went to the rescue and found out the little girl was Natalie's niece and Natalie was inactive and had just been back to church a few times.  I hope she comes again.  
We saw a convertible VW bug! I barely got the picture.  
We walked to the ocean after the meeting, it's about a 10 minute walk. There isn't a beach, there's a tall wall of big rocks.  I climbed up them with my skirt on, to see the ocean.  

You can see the wall of rocks.

Wayne was showing that the rocks were packed tightly together.  No water could get through them.

The View

To the left

To the right

There were crabs on the rocks, big ones and little ones, they were everywhere.

looking at the ocean to my right, this was the houses along the water front.

This is me on top of the rocks looking back at Wayne.

The houses to the left along the shores of the ocean.
We got a taxi and headed home.  Looking back up the road to the church.

This street had a beautiful grassy area with trees.  I thought it was pretty.  

We had a wonderful day with the members of the Buenos Aires Ward, they are wonderful members doing good things. We came home and both said what a good time we had.  

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