Saturday, September 29, 2007

Almost 2 weeks

I can't help but notice that there has been a lack of activity on the blog lately. Therefore, I am going to post more pictures of our baby... Hope you don't mind.

Benson and Natalie

Jan and Benson Benson smilingThis is at our first doctor's appointment. Benson shot poop all over me and all over the whole doctor's office. (Don't worry, Em, it came out of your shirt).
Cory, Milli, and BensonThis is me right before I went to the hospital to have our baby Benson

This happens sometimes

Danny and Shanna with Benson

Casey and Benson taking a nap
He's so little in our big bed.
Hope to see you all soon.
Casey, Natalie, and Benson

1 comment:

Em Russ said...

Nat, thanks for the cute pictures. I always like to see him! I have several comments to make.

1. Sunee made a comment to you (and me) about our blogs on the haws family website in case you haven't read it.

2. My first thought about that poop shot was, hey... that's my shirt!! (And don't worry. I think that these days every shirt I own has had poop on it!)

3. Are those oreo's by your bed?? mmmmm!!

4. Benson looks so cute. Is he really smiling or did you just catch some good pictures? I wish I could be there to hold your sweet (never crying) baby!

Love, Auntie Em