Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Dalpias Family

Hello everyone... Sorry that Benson has taken up most of the blogging space lately. I just want to give an update on how things are going around here...

We are doing GREAT!!!! We got home from the hospital yesterday afternoon and have been doing great being home. Benson sleeps really good at night and he only wakes up when it's time to eat, so that's nice. He is eating great and pooping too, which is actually a very wonderful sign that everything is working right.

Casey has been adding new pictures to the slideshow on Benson's website, so you can go there and check them out if you want.

Thanks to everyone for coming to the hospital and for being so wonderful and supportive. It has been an amazing few days and we are so grateful for our little perfect baby.

Love, Natalie and Casey.


Em Russ said...

Ok Benson. SOOO incredibly cute and the truth is, what else do we want to blog about really... so take up the blog (at least I think so). And... it may be because I can only see pictures, but I think he looks like Casey and in that top picture at least, he looks like he has ENORMOUS feet. I'm so glad that things are going great for you guys (a little jealous because you're making me look bad... but still glad!) Love you ALL (even you Danny).

Love, Auntie Em

Nick and Tami Jones said...

Nat and Casey,
These pictures are very cute. Probably better than any of the ones we took of him! I love that you took the blogging space! I've been starting to get bored because nobody every participates in the blogging. It's starting to get depressing. Also, the slideshow on your website doesn't work on my home computer, my work computer, or the computer and Dave & Linda's house. Is there something special I need to do to get it to work?
Your baby is so stinkin cute! I love you guys!