Wednesday, September 5, 2007



I remember when you were born. I can't say that about everyone, but I distinctly remember when you were born because I got baptized that day. I was really upset when I found out that mom had the baby because I thought it was going to ruin my baptism day (I know you're thinking... typical selfish Emily). Mom being the superhero that she is, had you in the morning and then came to my baptism that night. Then she went back and got in her hospital bed and stayed a few more days. Now that I've had a few babies, I still can't believe she did that... well I guess I can believe it because I know she knew it was important to me... anyway, that's a topic for a different post.

I do remember though, that I was so excited about you. I was old enough by the time you came around to really take care of you. You were always such a sweet calm baby. Nothing much could ruffle your feathers (not much has changed there!) You had the softest cheeks in the entire world. Really... I used to just rub my cheeks on yours and kiss them tons. You used to push your little cheeks against mine and hug me so tight and giggle because you would about break my neck. Oh, I loved you (and still do!) You also had (probably still do... I guess I haven't checked in a while) the most incredible eyes. Like a starburst of color had exploded in them. I was never quite sure what color they ended up being.

I remember once when I dressed you up... for the sake of not embarrassing you too much I'll tell that story some other day, but man you were a cutie! ;) And I remember your little broken leg at the Zoo.

One memory that I think has always affected me and even changed me, was when you got so sick with meningitis. I remember holding you in the rocking chair as mom and dad got ready to take you to the hospital. I was still young enough to be scared (I guess I should have been) and I sat and rocked you. You had been crying and you fell asleep in my arms. I cried because I was so worried about you. And then you went to St. Bens Hospital and you were there for what felt like forever. I don't know if you really did or not, but I thought you learned to talk while you were there. When you came home I knew that something had been changed in you as well. You just seemed to accept what life threw at you. Except for when the home nurse came and tried to give you an IV. Mom sent me down to Rindi's because I was so upset and I could hear you screaming all the way to the Kimber's (then it was the Rose's!). It broke my heart to see you hurting so much.

I always did want to take care of you. In a lot of ways I guess I still do. It scares me to death that you shoot guns and fly helicopters! :) I still think you're the sweetest boy ever and even though your cheeks aren't quite as soft these days, I still love you just as much! I hope you have had a happy birthday today! I've been thinking about you.

Love, Em


Nick and Tami Jones said...

How sweet. That almost brought a tear to my eye and I'm not even the birthday boy. Emily, you've always been good with words. You hit it right on the spot with how you described Andy.

Danny said...

i thought i was your favorite but now i know that i am not.

Em Russ said...

Danny boy...
you just wait until your birthday!! ;)