Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Setting things right

Dear Nat, (and Brady),

You're right... I've been neglecting you and the rest of the family so I am posting this here to try and set things right. The truth is though, I just can't pull off two total blogs, so the rest of you are going to have to step it up a bit. ;)

I'm trying to type this with Zack in my arms... (the girls are asleep) and he keeps growling and trying to get at Abby's picture. Funny kid. Anyway, I thought these pictures were cute of the kids. We went to the farm on Saturday but the admission price was $12.00 a person on the weekend and I am to cheap to pay 12 bucks to see an ostrich and some goats. We ended up just going to the park instead but I thought these pictures were still cute.

Abby has a fever. I hope that Zack doesn't catch it. She took a 2o minute nap this morning!! (Big sigh!) Anyway... I better get back to reality (aka laundry). I hope everyone is doing well. We miss you all!

Love, Em.

P.S. Nat... hang in there! Before you know it you'll be complaining about 20 minute naps too!

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Natalie said...

Those are cute pictures... Thanks for participating again!