Friday, September 14, 2007

Baby Update

We went to the doctor yesterday, and even though I've talked to most of you, I want to give you the update...

Benson now weighs close to 8 pounds (7.13) and is still in good birthing position. I am progressing in my dialation (to a 3 now). The doctor stripped my membranes, which is supposed to put me in labor faster, and we also discussed when he could start me.

For fear (thanks Emily) that I wouldn't have him until OCTOBER, and then have to deliver a 10 pound baby, we decided that if I don't have him by Sunday, the 16th, on my own, then the doctor will induce me.

So Sunday is the day. They will probably start me in the morning time and the doctor says I should have him sometime that afternoon. So once everyone is done with their church meetings, you are more than welcome to head up to the hospital and see us.

Thanks for everything. We'll hopefully see you all Sunday!!!!


Nick and Tami Jones said...

That's a dangerous invitation... What if you don't have Benson until 5:00 at night? I know that's a long labor, but it's possible, right? Good luck. I hope it goes fast, easy, and painless. :) Like I said... Good luck. Well, we'll come up whenever you're ready for us. Love you guys!

Em Russ said...

I second Tami's thoughts. Let's all hope that he's born early, but even if he is. They induced me with the twins in the morning and they weren't both born until almost 2:30 and that was super super fast! Just a thought, but maybe everyone should check in before they head on up to the hospital.

I wish I could be there. It is killing me that I cant be around for this!

I can't wait to see pictures. Someone take pictures and post them as soon as you get home. PLEASE!!!

Keep us updated. I miss you all and Nat, Benson, and Casey... you will all be in my prayers!

Love, Auntie Em