Sunday, September 30, 2007

Moleman gone wild

The night Benson was born we were waiting for so long to get to see the baby, so Nick, Andy, Danny, and Tami were at Mom and Dad's and I made chili dogs for dinner for the boys. Needless to say, Danny got bored and put the bag to the french bread on his head. Thought you would all enjoy the pictures.
What a way to welcome Benson to the world!


Johnny said...

Tami, some of us have children. You may want to consider that before posting a guide on how so suffocate yourself. I wouldn't want you to have to live with that on your conscience. I am just looking out for you, Tami.

Em Russ said...

ha ha!! I remember once in high school we found some panty hose at lunch time and my friends were putting them on their heads like this. I was one of my favorite/funniest memories ever! Looks like Danny had just as much fun with his suffocation tool there! I miss you all!

and, Tami... you know Johnny's kidding, right?!?

Chunk said...

At least the bag was a little more sanitary than a pair of pantie hoes that someone found at school. Who knows who's body those things were on. UGH!!!

Chunk said...

Sorry I don't know how to spell panty hose.