Friday, September 7, 2007

Blogging addiction

I must admit that I am like Emily... I think I am addicted to Blogging.
I have nothing to really say that is very important but I really want other people to blog more, so I think that by blogging myself, I feel like people will to the same. Crazy thinking, I know.
Well, I'm having a good day today. I'm glad it's Friday because that means I get the next couple days off, and believe me, I look forward to those days!

Emily, last night I had a dream that I was going to drive to your house all by myself and I started out driving but then you met me and we had to hike part of the way. I admit once again that I'm strange. It was a weird dream, but I know that it has a little sense in it.
I have wanted to see you and your kids so badly lately and I just long to be with you guys. I even think in my dream I said "Abby Abby" and she laughed at me. I just miss you guys so much, and I want you to know that I Nick and I pray for you guys almost every night since you're so far away! I hope that you can feel our prayers and that your family is doing well. I know we'll see you sometime soon, and maybe if we can get saved up, we can come visit you this summer. (Plus, if you think about it... I get paid all summer for doing nothing. Sounds like I could take a couple vacations!)

Anyway, I don't want the rest of you to feel left out. I love all of the rest of you too! Dad, Mom, Emily, Brady, Cory, Natalie, Andy, Danny, plus all of your significant others and your children (or children to be.) I really do think that we have the best family around. I love you all with all of my heart!

I guess I will give you a quick update of what's going on in our lives:

Nick is going to school. I believe he has a Chemistry class and a Human Biology class. He is still working for Davis School District in the Nutrition Services Warehouse. I'm not really sure if he's liking it. Somedays it sounds like he likes it, and other days I think he hates it. You'll have to ask him, I guess. (Or maybe he will blog and tell you about his life, hint hint.)

As you probably all know, I am teaching Kindergarten at Freedom Elementary. The dust is starting to settle a little bit and I am loving it! The kids are cute and for the most part are well-behaved. It's a hard job. You would never believe how hard it is to get 19 kids to stand in a line! Honestly, I never anticipated it being that hard. We had our first fire drill today, and believe me, it was not pretty. I love it though! I'm usually at the school around 7:30 and they have started kicking me out at 7:00, so I have very long days. However, I do love life. It's fun and I love it!

I hope all of you are happy! I have got to go. My afternoon class will be coming any minute, and I have to get ready for the hooligans.
I love you all, and I hope to see you soon!
Love, Tami

P.S. Mom mentioned that we are having a birthday party for Cory and Andy on Sunday. I don't know if this is true... We have a party at 5:30, so we will probably be late if you do have one. Let me know what you all know about it.
Love y'all.


Shawnee said...

Sorry Tami, I'm not good at blogging because everyday is almost the same for me! :) I'll try to get creative. Jan told Brady that we are having a birthday party for Cory and Andy on Sunday, but Brady doesn't remember the time.

Em Russ said...

I wanna come to the party!! :)

Thanks for the update Tami. I wish you were hiking to Boston, but if you decide to do it you're on your own. It's way to much of a hike for me. Maybe we will see you sooner than later though. I am working on a future trip. We'll see!

Good job posting though.