Saturday, October 8, 2016

Busy Saturday - Shawnee's Birthday

October 8, 2016

Today was another busy Saturday at the temple.  We watched out the window as 3 big buses pulled in.  Wayne got on his missionary clothes and went out to greet them.  I stayed in our apartment and watched. Wayne finally came in about 10:00 and put on his white suit to go help them in the temple.
 He could just tell he should go help.  When I went to the temple at 1:30, he was still helping.  We were the last ones out of the temple,  It was a sweet busy day.

 I think it is so fun to see all the people.  They are all usually dressed up in their Sunday best, even the little kids.  Most of them haven't seen grass, beautiful flowers,  and the beauty that is here around the temple.   The little kids can play and entertain themselves with simple things.  They run and play and just roll around in the grass, because they don't have grass at their houses.  They can be seen kicking an empty water bottle as if they were playing soccer.  Walking on the curbing and retaining walls is also something that keeps them occupied.  They do this while their parents and older siblings are doing ordinances in the temple.

These Bill and Sandy took these pictures as the people were leaving just as it was getting dark.   These Peruvian members had spent their whole Saturday here at the temple.  We are so blessed to be able to serve them in the temple.

October 6th was Shawnee's Birthday 
Happy Birthday Shawnee!  We love you!

Written by Jan

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